Business signage still matters within all industries

Signage is an important part of any marketing strategy. It utilises letters and symbols to communicate to potential customers and reinforce brand images, alongside drawing attention to current promotions and information the company wishes to let its customers know about. As a result, signage is one of the primary ways a business can add value to its marketing strategies.


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The importance of good retail signage

Good signage can be the difference between a bustling work environment and an empty one. Your signage is one of the first things your customers see when they are introduced to your business; therefore, it needs to concisely tell them what the company does and why its services would be useful to them.  This is where a Branding Agency Gloucestershire comes in found on sites including who admit Omitting these vital pieces of information can make or break your signage. Any legal obligations must be followed; for example, those outlined on the National Council for Voluntary Organisations website include ‘registered charity’ needing to appear on all official charity shop documents, including receipts.

Another important part of your signage is aesthetics. Ensuring high-quality images are on display, with important information in larger fonts and less important in smaller, comes together to make your retail signage a more effective marketing tool.


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Considerations when reviewing your existing signage

One thing to remember is that your signage exists as an offline advertising tool for your business; therefore, it is not meant to function in the same manner as a banner advert on a website. Online adverts can generally include more information, dynamic effects and images to catch people’s eyes. These adverts can also appear on multiple websites.

The static nature of signage in the real world means you must be more considerate of the use of the available space on the sign itself and take the quantity and location of each individual piece of signage into consideration.

As an example, estate agents generally put signage in front of every rental/for sale property they have advertised. This functions as an effective and cost-efficient way to advertise their business and is acceptable since they are providing a service to warrant the sign being placed there. Sadly, other types of business do not have this freedom and therefore need to take the mandatory costs of signage placement into consideration.

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